Sustainably Sourced

We are committed to sustainable and ethical manufacturing practices that empower women all the way from those who make them to those who use them.

Our Marula oil is hand-harvested by a dedicated network of women from local communities. These women, the heart and soul of Kalahari Gold, journey through the sprawling wilderness to collect the fallen fruits. It is a tradition deeply rooted in their heritage, passed down through generations. As they gently press and extract the oil from the Marula kernels, each drop carries their spirit of resilience, unity, and care for the earth.

The beauty of our process is not just in its simplicity, but also in its capacity to uphold an eco-friendly practice that respects the life cycle of the Marula tree and contributes to the preservation of Namibia's natural environment. In this way, we ensure that no tree is harmed, and each fruit is fully utilized.

The women involved in the process are not merely workers but partners, their lives uplifted with every Marula fruit they gather. They are empowered, their families strengthened, and their communities enriched. The revenue they earn doesn't just transform their lives but helps sustain the precious biodiversity of their homeland.

Sustainability is the heartbeat of Kalahari Gold, pulsing in every drop of Marula oil we bring to you. It's not just about maintaining an eco-friendly chain of production, but about preserving a way of life, supporting a community, and cherishing the natural world. Every bottle of our Marula oil isn't just a promise of beauty and health for your skin, hair, and nails—it's a love letter to the earth, a testament to the strength of women, and a beacon of hope for a more sustainable future.

Namibian Marula Oils

Our expertise stems from decades of research and hands-on experience.

African Natural Oils personally inspect the collection areas and our representative with whom our ladies work with directly.

All production processes are executed by rural communities and fairly compensated, skilled personnel.

The entire production process adheres to stringent international regulations on cosmetic products, and our offerings are dermatologically tested by specialized laboratories for safety and effectiveness.

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For more than a century, the marula fruit has been traditionally harvested by local communities living in the north-central parts of Namibia, where the marula tree is an abundant natural resource.

Although the fruit looks more like a food source than a high-value ingredient for overseas cosmetic products, the marula’s real secret is locked away inside it. The key to opening this secret is rooted deep within African tradition.

For generations, women in the Oshana, Ohangwena, Omusati, and Oshikoto regions of north-central Namibia have been using marula to provide for their families.


The marula kernels are only extracted after the beer is made.